Dell has always put a strong value on the relationships it has built with the Small to Medium Business market. However over the years, its attention had drifted to other markets in other regions. My team was tasked with creating a campaign that would reconnect us to the SMB customers and let them know we still understand their needs.

Through our research, we found that the biggest pain point held by these types of business owners had to do with the amount of time they were having to focus on keeping their technology devices current and serviced. Smaller business usually don't have the budget to keep a full IT staff and/or didn't have the resources to keep their technology up-to-date as frequently as they liked. This would lead to technology failures which would then lead to every business owner's worst nightmare... unproductive employees.

Our design for this campaign focuses on the biggest fear of all for our SMB customers: Down time, how it's caused and who it effects. We also understood that since this source of great stress leans away from being optimistic, so we decided to inject a bit of comic relief to make the campaign more approachable.

Design Director: David Eiben
Assoc. Creative Director: Joshua Kramer
Copy: Peter Hofstad
Executive Producer: Christie Tomich
Producer: Camille Chambers

Director: Joe Nicolosi
Director of Photography: Ellie Fenton
Photography Exectutive Producer: Rachael Daniel
Photography Producer: Matt Kuhles

Done while employed at Dell, Inc.