My name is Joshua and I'm a visual communicator specializing in design, creative direction and brand strategy. I currently work at IBM Design as a Visual Lead for IBM Watson Data Platform in Austin, Texas.

Simplicity is the key to successful outcomes.

It all goes back to when I was a child and my dad would take me on hikes in the woods of Iowa to search for arrowheads. With each find, we would not only marvel at the craftsmanship but the idea of the arrowhead itself. A piece of rock carefully chipped away to form a simple shape that would feed the whole tribe during the day and keep them safe at night. And therein lies the beauty. The purpose and the method by which they were made were not relegated to one region or one culture; an effective, yet simple design uniting humanity in problem solving and ultimately survival.

Today, my “arrowhead” takes many forms in my daily work. Whether it’s identifying the right team members to build a diverse and elite team, using Design Thinking, self editing while designing, or even knowing when to say “I don’t understand, please explain it to me.” And let’s not forget about managing those meetings. And why do we have to have this meeting anyway, am I right?

Keep your mind sharp and your process simple.