I'm a multi-disciplinary designer specializing in branding, digital product design, art direction, illustration, and storytelling. I believe in simplicity, diversity, and passion.

Iowa Field Generals

A self-initiated project in which I wanted to create a pro-American football team from scratch. I chose my home state of Iowa, which currently has no professional teams. From there I wanted to utilize my custom made type face "Hardin" for the project. The end result is an homage to the hard-working heart-land farmer.

Design: Joshua Kramer

U.S.A. Enamel Pin

I created an enamel pin to show pride in where we reside. Sometimes we must put politics aside and reflect on the founding ideas that connect us all. Honor all races, belief systems, ethnicities, genders, and lifestyles that make up the United States of America. This is perfect for pinning on a Jean jacket, Sari, Kilt, Dashiki, Tracht, Selendang, Gho, Non la, Shemagh, Kimono, Chamanto, or a Barong.

Design: Joshua Kramer

Hardin Typeface

A self-initiated project in which I wanted to create a display typeface based on my home town of Iowa Falls, Iowa. I noted the weathered signage found on the old gas stations, main street buildings and silos that dot the surrounding farmland which led to a simple yet ornate execution.

Design: Joshua Kramer

Detroit Bad Boys  Enamel Pin

An enamel pin I created to celebrate the days when those bad boys from the Motor City were breaking ankles, landing jumpers and connecting a few elbows. These champions didn't care who they had to go through to claim that number one spot. Show your pride by sporting this bad boy on your jacket, jersey, flat brim or gym bag.

Design: Joshua Kramer

Dazed and Confused

America, 1976. The last day of school. Bongs blaze, bell-bottoms ring, and rock and roll rocks. This is the setting for Richard Linklater’s ultimate teen film, Dazed and Confused. We were lucky enough to be the ones who bring the spirit of '76 back to life with this "who gives a shit about school" DVD packaging and menu design for The Criterion Collection.

Creative Director: Marc English
Design: Joshua Kramer, Beth Stone

Done while employed at Marc English Design.

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Intelligently Tough

The Latitude 12" Rugged Extreme is the first “rugged” classified tablet released by Dell. With a durable chassis that has undergone extensive military-grade (MIL-STD 810G) testing, this laptop allows the user to complete even the toughest job. I was responsible for leading the team in creating the campaign for its initial launch. Our goal was to showcase the sun-up to sun-down versatility of the product, whether it be working in the heat of the steel shop or the harsh outdoor conditions.

Design Director: Tommy Lynn
Creative Director: Noel Barnes
Assoc. Creative Director: Joshua Kramer
Art Direction: Paige Gregory
Copy: Peter Hofstad
Executive Producer: Christie Tomich
Producer: Camille Chambers
Director: Matt Chauncey
Producer: Matt Kuhles
Still Photography: Adran Matte

Done while employed at Dell, Inc.

Austin Film Society

The 20th-anniversary retrospective book recounts the history of the Austin Film Society with articles written by Richard Linklater, writer/producer John Pierson, Ain't It Cool News creator Harry Knowles, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema founders Tim and Karrie League, and Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith. The 88-page book features a rich timeline of AFS memorabilia, photos from its many premieres, parties and special events, and memories from the people that helped make the Austin Film Society a one-of-a-kind organization. Also, featured is a dust jackets/poster that lists every film AFS has ever shown.

Creative Director: Marc English
Design: Joshua Kramer

Done while at Marc English Design.

Dell, Inc. Brand Evolution

In establishing the first-ever global brand team in the company's 26-year history, we set out to create a simplified identity that was more honest and open. We also were able to streamline the creative network that is unified under our team's global guidance rather than the 800+ agencies before the team's existence. In the end, we ended up with a thoughtfully-crafted product and service offering that speaks with a single voice across all regions.

Creative Director: Tommy Lynn
Art Director: Noel Barnes,
Design: Joshua Kramer, Megan Stohr
Agency Support: Stone Yamashita Partners

Done while employed at Dell, Inc.

IBM Security Re-Brand

IBM Security product team was feeling that our users were receiving a disjointed experience from the discovery phase to the actual use of our products. Seeking strategic partners on the marketing side of our division we utilized the methods of IBM Design and Design Thinking to collaborate on rebranding the division as a whole.

The end result was the creation of a unifying vision and mission statement, brand character, brand elements and finally a single point of communication and finally a single point of product marketing communication in the form of an online Experience Guide.

Design Director: Liz Holz
Creative Director: Joshua Kramer
Design: Joshua Kramer, Judie Le

Done while employed at IBM.

Dell wanted to let its Small to Medium Business customers know that a large enterprise still understood their needs. Through our research, we found the biggest pain point held by these business owners focused on the inability to keep their technology devices current and serviced thus leading to technology failures and ultimately unproductive employees.

Our concept focuses on downtime, how it's caused and who it effects. Because this subject matter is not so optimistic, we decided to inject a bit of comic relief to make the campaign more approachable.

Design Director: David Eiben
Assoc. Creative Director: Joshua Kramer
Copy: Peter Hofstad
Executive Producer: Christie Tomich
Producer: Camille Chambers
Director: Joe Nicolosi
Director of Photography: Ellie Fenton
Photography Exectutive Producer: Rachael Daniel
Photography Producer: Matt Kuhles

Done while employed at Dell, Inc.

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IBM Watson Data Platform
Search and Suggest

Our team was tasked with concepting a future state of one of the key tools within the IBM Watson Data Platform. GM and Chief Business Officer, Derek Schoettle wanted to change the way people perceive data analytics and make it easier for our users to search and locate specific data within their catalog.

With a three week deadline, our team reviewed feedback from sponsor users, conducted three workshops, developed a point of view around design principals and crafted UX wires and Hi-Fi visuals for this blue-sky project.

Design Lead: Bhavika Shah
Visual Lead: Joshua Kramer
Visual Design: Kacie Eberhart, Joshua Kramer
UX Design: Kacie Eberhart

Done while employed at IBM.

Austin Monthly Magazine

Austin Monthly Magazine is the area's definitive city and regional magazine that informs, entertains, and intrigues readers in the capital city, enriching lives and fostering enthusiasm for this weird city. I was lucky enough to contribute as an Associate Art Director to all areas of the creative process. From designing layouts, directing photoshoots, building sets and attending marathon press checks.

Art Director: Robin Finlay
Assoc. Art Director: Joshua Kramer

Done while employed at Austin Monthlly Magazine.

Rapid Innovation

This a customer story highlights how Dell technology helps our customer, New York product design company, OXO, achieve rapid product development with the support of the ultra-powerful Dell Precision workstations and SolidWorks™.

My team was responsible for creating all aspects of the campaign. From identifying the proper customer partner, concepting video and photo storyboards, conducting employee interviews, as well as talent scouting. From there, we took our team to New York City to scout the location, photograph, film, and record all materials needed for the campaign.

Creative Director: Tommy Lynn
Assoc. Creative Director: Noel Barnes
Art Director: Joshua Kramer
Copy: John Gorman
Video Director: Sam Akina
Executive Producer: Christie Tomich
Producer: Jules Jones
Director of Photography: Gabriel Bienczycki
1st Assistant Camera: Bongani Miambo
Sound Engineer: Andi Parmelee
Co-Executive Producer: Media Agents
Video Production: Attackships On Fire

Done while employed at Dell, Inc.